Friday, July 15, 2011

Good Bye my old friend

I have been a Harry Potter fan from the very first book. When I say that I have read all of the books at least 10 times, I am probably downplaying the number of times that the books have been read. I got suspended from school for having that book tucked away in my backpack so that I could read it when nobody was looking. I attended a private religious school and Harry had managed to land himself on the forbidden and banned book. At my school, Harry was the He Who Must Not Be Named.

I can fondly remember putting a lightening bolt sticker on my forehead, donning glow in the dark glasses and my invisibility cloak, and waving my wand around while sitting outside of a Barnes and Nobles waiting for the next book to come out. I bawled like a baby all throughout the 7th book. When I got to the very last page, I sighed and with the expelled air, I experienced this deep, gut wrenching pain. I had grown p with HP and now our relationship was being severed. It was over. Even as an adult, I feel absolutely no shame in admitting my love of all things Harry Potter.

J had never read a book or seen an HP movie when I managed to drag him out with my to see the first installation of the last movie. There was so much history that he didn't understand but he said that he still really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the fact that he isn't one of those people who, when encountering the end of a series he knows nothing about, feels like he has to ask a million and seven questions to catch up. He just accepted it for what it was and enjoyed what he could understand. I was as disappointed with it as I had been with all of the others. The characters still weren't able to live up to the them that they were in my head as I read the books. But then, what movie is ever as good as the books? Still, I dutifully watched the movie and have since seen it 7 times.

It has taken every ounce of grown up strength that I posses not to urge J to dress up with me and go out to see the movie tonight. My inner child is punching my ribcages as we speak because I did not purchase tickets to the midnight showing of the movie. I will probably wander out to go see it sometime next week. Maybe. Maybe not. Once I see this movie, my journey with Harry Potter really will be over.

Unless of course, the start having conventions in Vegas that rival any star wars get together. Should there ever be a convention in Vegas for the Harry Potter fans who were unable to let go, look for me. I will be there amongst the masses, lost in a sea of capes, hats, wands, snitches, and Harry Potter glasses.

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