Friday, July 22, 2011

Fhoto Friday

I don't care for the beach all that much. I watched the Titanic. The ocean swallowed the ship whole! Though I continue telling myself that I am going to diet, I am much smaller than a ship. So not going into the water. J and the kiddo seem to love going. I don't want to ruin their good time so I put on my cute red bikini and I pretend like I am excited about going to the beach.

While I am pretending to be the dragon come to destroy their sand castle, in my head I am cringing about the entire experience. I hate the way that sand feels in between my toes... or in my bathing suit bottoms! Bell somehow gets it in her hair every time. I haven't posted any pictures of her yet but she has really thick, curly hair. It isn't fun to wash, especially since she is so concerned about the water getting into her eye. Don't lay in the sand!!!!

J is... ya know, there really is no other word for it so I am just going to say it, pasty. He is pasty! His arms may have been kissed by the sun but that's it. And he sweats so much. The only person I have ever seen sweat as much as he does is my mother and she doesn't like to venture outside if it is above 62.5 degrees. I lather him up with sunscreen but because he sweats so much, he always gets burned.

I will be glad when summer is over and the beach is no longer considered an option.
J's 14 year old niece took these pictures. My sandmanship sucks so I was incredibly impressed with hers.


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