Friday, November 4, 2011

From Ms. to Mrs.

At this time next week, I will be having a manicure and pedicure somewhere, trying to soothe my nerves before I say "I Do".

I tried the marriage thing before. As the judge was stamping the divorce decree I told myself that , "lesson learned, let's not do this again." And yet.... Here we are.

The differences between this time and last, are vast. I can't imagine not being with J. Even when we have healthy debates *read arguments*, which is rare, I still cannot stop thinking about tomorrow and next year with him. He makes me want to shine all of my tarnished greatness just so that I can reflect a bit of his goodness. It never seems t matter if we are doing nothing, or something crazy, I am always so happy with him.

I don't expect our marriage to always be peaches and cream. I expect to put in work in order to maintain its good working order. We may not like each other 24/7 but I will love J for the rest of my life.